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Wild Moccasins: Skin Collision Past [Album Review]

Wild Moccasins

What do you get when you have a female vocalist with the voice of a much hipper Norah Jones, and a soft-core indie rock sound that that hits you harder than the Challenger did Florida? Well, you might have the almighty Wild Moccasins. Along with the illustrious Zahira Guiterrez spreading her classically-oriented vocals, we have her mate, Cody Swann, creating a beautiful trade-off of words on their debut album Skin Collision Past. Everything just seems to fall into place in this wonderful portrayal of Houston’s finest indie rock outfit.

The title track stands out from the rest of the album, but not too drastically. Each song moves in the same direction of high-spirited pop/rock ready and suitable for any sort of mood and atmosphere you could possibly imagine. “Its Health And My Own” does without a doubt have the best Cody Swann-fronted couple of minutes on Skin Collision Past though. But, again, each track is as close to flawless as an album should be allowed to get.

Wild Moccasins have developed a strange cult following throughout the Houston area. With only one EP under their belt, it comes as a shock to many critics that they are selling out shows all over town. But, it really isn’t that odd. Try to imagine a group coming out and gaining fans based on the idea that they make kick ass music that many people are able to love. Seems strange right? Strange, but it will be clearly obvious after one listen to Skin Collision Past‘s pure unadulterated exuberance that is undeniably catchy and heartfelt to say the least.

Download: “Skin Collision Past” by Wild Mocassins
[audio:100614-wild-mocassins-skin-collision-past.mp3|titles=Skin Collision Past|artists=Wild Mocassins]

Wild Moccasins: Skin Collision Past

[CD, 2010]

1. Skin Collision Past
2. Cake
3. It’s Health & My Own
4. Late Night Television
5. Psychic China
6. Born Blonde
7. Calendar
8. Chapter Four
9. Zylophone

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