Solander: Narcissus [Video]


Last year I raved about Solander‘s “Looking For Gold” off their album Since We Were Pigeons. Their pop sensibilities were easily likened to fellow Swedish countrymen Fredrik (whom with they share a member or two). Well Solander is back with a three-song single called Narcissus, available for free download over at BandCamp. “Narcissus” begins softer, with less of the experimental pop style found on “Looking For Gold”. Instead, the first half is soft and dreamy. The experimental pop enters just past the midpoint; a quicker pace and a sound somewhere between Fredrik and Sin Fang Bous. The video for “Narcissus” fits this sound well. In black and white, the band is clad in stylish, classic tailored outfits. It’s light, fun and fits their repertoire of great pop music.

Download: “Narcissus” by Solander

Solander – ‘Narcissus’ from Iris Piers on Vimeo.

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