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Young Rival: Young Rival [Album Review]

Young Rival

Gritty garage-inspired rock is nothing new to the FensePost crowd, so pretty much everything off Young Rival’s self-titled LP, out this week on Sonic Unyon, should sound like an old friend. Recorded by Jon Drew (Tokyo Police Club, Fucked Up, Arkells), the band infuses a sound that’s completely raw without being overly lo-fi and under-produced. They hit a nice chord somewhere between rock and pop, with heavier leanings toward the former.

Still, songs like “The Ocean” and “Don’t Make A Sound” have a soothing, slow summer calm to them indicative of the hottest, most sweltering of August days. On the contrary, hits “Got What You Need” and “Authentic” are wild and beastly in nature, yet more than worthy of a strong head-nod. Both styles, albeit drastically different in tenor, can easily be labeled as rabidly infectious. In those regards, Young Rival is much like last year’s Yeah I Know by Darlings. It casts a similar vein of rock but with more harmony and a hint less “carefree partier” mentality. You’ll hear traces of modern garage, but you’ll also hear hints of the 90s and 70s.

In a way, this band has grandiose sights — they have a mainstream sound without all the B.S. Yes, their songs are that good; well, better than that good (otherwise 3/4 of the stuff we cover would be mainstream-worthy). Closing track “A Few Things Left” sums it up well: it has a southern feel, is soft and drone-y, yet can easily be dubbed an anthemic tune.

Stream “Got What You Need” below and head over to Young Rival’s website to download a copy for yourself.

Listen: “Got What You Need” by Young Rival
[audio:100610-young-rival-got-what-you-need.mp3|titles=Got What You Need|artists=Young Rival]

Young Rival: Young Rival

Sonic Unyon [CD, 2010]

1. Got What You Need
2. The Ocean
3. Ghost In The Park
4. T-Shirt & Shorts
5. Modern Life
6. Don’t Make A Sound
7. Workin’
8. Just Can’t Stay Here
9. At The Break Of Dawn
10. Authentic
11. A Few Things Left

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