Tjutjuna [Feature]


It seems there’s little left for groundbreaking within the experimental psychedelic noise sub-genre. Crystal Antlers impressed greatly with their debut self-titled EP, packed with intense solos and wild, infectious screams. And recently we were wowed by Magic Lantern, whose primarily instrumental sound is seemingly inundated with the term acid. Both are outstanding – don’t confuse the lack of groundbreaking with ineffective songwriting and performance.

About the closest we came to true originality of late is Dark Meat, but they only lapse into that element in the rarest of moments — for example, the acapella intro to “Freedom Ritual”, the opening track to Universal Indians (2008). Tjutjuna is no different, but like the three aforementioned artists, they too are outstanding.

In terms of breaking ground, it becomes exceedingly difficult to attach that label to any band these days. Though one peek around FensePost and you’ll find a trove of artists that still warrant a substantial amount of praise. Tjutjuna passed along two tracks from what appears to be a self-titled release, or perhaps one signified by the title . Whatever it’s called, “Mosquito Hawk” and “Bottle Kids” fit the description of experimental psychedelic noise to a T. They pack within these two songs just under a total of ten minutes of heavy psych rock, swarming with obscure guitar riffs, instrumental breakdowns, and clanging, incessant drums.

“Mosquito Hawk” features an electronic opening that builds into massive guitars and percussion, a storm of noise that climaxes in enormity and drops down to a consistent drone. “Bottle Kids” opens with a drum beat fronted by drone-ridden guitars that ultimately build into an epic, psych-drone masterpiece. If you find any of those earlier noted bands — Crystal Antlers, Magic Lantern, Dark Meat — attractive, you’ll definitely like what you hear in Tjutjuna. Catch them on tour now with their friends Woodsman from Mexican Summer / Lefse Records.

Download: “Bottle Kids” by Tjutjuna
[audio:100609-tjutjuna-bottle-kids.mp3|titles=Bottle Kids|artists=Tjutjuna]

Download: “Mosquito Hawk” by Tjutjuna
[audio:100609-tjutjuna-mosquito-hawk.mp3|titles=Mosquito Hawk|artists=Tjutjuna]


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