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Carissa’s Wierd: Die [mp3]

Carissa's Wierd

“Die” ultimately picked up where Songs About Leaving left off, and it adequately summed up where the band was heading — the inevitable hiatus. Carissa’s Wierd is borderline historic — their members have gone on to great things, from personal projects like S. (Jenn Ghetto) and Sera Cahoone, to full-fledged bands like Band of Horses and Grand Archives. So, there was a second inevitable in here somewhere… the reunion-slash-reissue.

Most of the band’s library of material has been out of print for quite some time, and as a die-hard fan I have done my best to accumulate what they put out. “Die” was on the band’s last release, I Before E, a collection of live tracks and two previously unreleased originals that came out posthumous, so to say. It had all the classic elements of a Carissa’s Wierd tune — dire, urgently emotive vocals by Ghetto, an emphasis on piano and strings, and an overall brooding, depressive nature with the ability to steal your breath away.

We recently noted that the band would be reissuing their full-lengths on Hardly Art. The feat also includes a compilation of their best tunes and a single for “Die” that includes b-side “Sharin’ A Hole” off the band’s super hard to find tour EP Scrap Book. (I found that one new at a record shop in Seattle for a mere $10!)

Head over to Hardly Art and preorder the comp — the first 50 get the “Die” single for free! I grabbed my copy last night. Hopefully it’s not too late…

Download: “Die” by Carissa’s Wierd
[audio:100604-carissas-wierd-die.mp3|titles=Die|artists=Carissa’s Wierd]

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