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Leif Vollebekk: Inland [Album Review]

Leif Vollebekk

Raw, naked, Leif Vollebekk lays it all out like a modern day Jeff Buckley, Elliott Smith, or better yet Nick Drake. It’s doubtful Vollebekk will succumb to the same fate; there more hope in his music, a powerful thing that pulls the listener in. Inland is packed with the sound, from the pleasant instrumentation of “Northernmost Eva Maria” to the breathtaking “Don’t Go to Klaksvik”. With a soft shuffle in the brushed percussion and a low, rumbling piano, Vollebekk pours his soul into “Klaksvik” in a way so moving it’s unnerving. You might just shed a tear.

This is beyond folk-pop, beyond indie, beyond contemporary. Inland is a masterpiece, and Vollebekk knows this well. In his mind, he’s accompanied the masters like Dylan and Ray Charles, who populate his record collection. On Inland he does a viable job achieving what he hoped to — find a unique sound somewhere between Hank Williams and Sigur Ros. You can hear it as early as opener “In The Morning”. It’s strange and powerful, masterful and genius. Inland will take your breath away.

Download: “Northernmost Eva Maria” by Leif Vollebekk
[audio:100528-leif-vollebekk-northernmost-eva-maria.mp3|titles=Northernmost Eva Maria|artists=Leif]


Nevado Records [CD, 2010]

1. In The Morning
2. You Couldn’t Lie To Me In Paris
3. In The Midst Of Blue & Green
4. Michael Robartes & the Dancer
5. Quebec
6. Northernmost Eva Maria
7. A Dozen Mares
8. 1921
9. Don’t Go to Klaksvik
10. Ladyland

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