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Snowglobe: A Little More Lived In [Album Review]


For over 10 years now, Snowglobe has been producing psychedelic pop music that is gentle yet wicked. If you haven’t heard of them, don’t feel bad. Their career has been one based around constant touring and creative self-expression. The seeking of fame slides itself into their prototype here and there, but in a very minor way. If you have found yourself to be a longtime fan, it’s not hard to believe since it is possible to fall in love with their music at first listen. On their fourth album, A Little More Lived In, the band has successfully consolidated a decade’s worth of experience into a brand new collection of catchy and sly pop tracks. So, there’s something for everyone.

A Little More Lived In sounds like Belle & Sebastian took an acid trip through the Mojave Desert and thought about everything that has pained them over the years. The short but touching cut “Dad” is one of the greatest tributes to the world of fatherhood that has ever been made. Period. It’s a simple country-inspired ditty that is lacking the average country music arrogance, but contains the compelling folk lore you look for in a touching acoustic ballad. And “Love” is a beautiful late sixties-era, Beatles-esque track with a beautiful guitar melody backing the entire old school tragedy of love scenario.

Snowglobe has the same sort of heightened sense of reality and discontent as that of a group like Portugal. The Man, but forbade the pretentiousness of politics and disaster. A Little More Lived In is exactly as it should be. This is a collection of beautiful pop songs that progress through the star-crazed and almost paranormal world of psychedelic rock, right onto foot tapping and relentlessly appealing songs that just plain make you feel absolutely wonderful after a few listens.

Download: “Love” by Snowglobe

Download: “Teenage Queen” by Snowglobe
[audio:100527-snowglobe-teenage-queen.mp3|titles=Teenage Queen|artists=Snowglobe]


Makeshift Music [CD, 2010]

1. Space Song
2. Love
3. Worksong
4. Kanaka Rapids
5. Get It On
6. Screamin’ Lil Queen
7. Teenage Queen
8. Testosterone
9. Nothing I Can Do
10. Dad
11. Tim’s Piano
12. Oxford
13. Land Brains

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