Fang Island: Daisy [Video]


Few bands can call the small state of Rhode Island home. In fact, I’d be surprised if, over the four years FensePost has been in existence, we’ve covered more than a small handful of artists from the state. Fang Island, then, could very well be the first. Of course, the band originated there, but have since relocated to a place a bit more familiar — Brooklyn. The music they create is indicative of the burb, or what some West Coaster like myself envisions of the place. It’s centered around good ol’ fashioned fun, and the people that have it.

“Daisy” finds the band chanting amidst heavy rock guitar riffs and instrumental plays on volume. The video features guys and gals in what appears to be a high school gym dancing, some in running outfits with painted faces and others in suits dressed like presidents. The video is filmed in one take by one of the performers (Ronald Reagan?) so the camera is a bit shaky, but boy is it a fun one to watch.

The song is off their recent self-titled LP, out now on Sargent House.

Download: “Daisy” by Fang Island
[audio:100526-fang-island-daisy.mp3|titles=Daisy|artists=Fang Island]

2 thoughts on “Fang Island: Daisy [Video]

  1. i’ve got to chime in and defend providence here because it’s one of the best and most-decorated cities for indie rock in the world and has been for about 15 years: Arab On Radar, Les Savy Fav, Deer Tick (though they, you know, suck), Six Finger Satellite, Drunkdriver, Lightning Bolt, Daughters (which partially begat Fang Island), Alec K. Redfearn, The Basement, Night Wounds, Wizardzz, Force Field, the Paper Rad collective, The Chinese Stars, Load Records (label), Corleone Records (label) … and that’s just off the top of my head. As much as people talk about Baltimore these days, that’s what Providence used to be: omnipresent.

    Much love Fense, site looks great, hope you’re doing well!

    1. Been a while man! Things are well and the site’s going great. I didn’t know the connection between Daughters and Fang Island. Lots of great stuff from RI… I just haven’t covered any/much of it!

      How have you been?

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