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Paul Turner: Another World [Album Review]

Paul Turner: Another WorldPaul Turner has returned with a new batch of his classic soft spoken acoustic melodies made for bohemians and monks alike. This Australian-bred songwriter doesn’t stray too far from the comfort zone he developed on his previous release, Clear Blue. But Another World does seem a bit darker in a lyrical sense. His words contain questions that have no answers, as well as answers that are never questioned. Although the direction of this album has not skewed into a new direction, it is still a huge leap forward with a well perfected easy listening oriented diagram.

When Turner suggests there is another world, keep fighting on the highlight track “Keep Fighting”, it might be unclear what exactly there is to keep fighting for or against, but it is sure leave you yearning to find something to feel obsessively passionate about. “Love Is Wise” feels like a trip down a canal in a European city of your choice with the most prolific poet singing a song meant for your ears and yours alone. The entire Another World track list is, much like anything Turner creates, chop full of songs that make you feel as though the clouds are obtainable, and could float through your bedroom window while you are at rest, dreaming the sweetest dreams ever possible to imagine.

What makes Paul Turner and his simple acoustic melodies so special has to be his ability to stray from pretentiousness far better than his predecessors in the spotlight. Obscurity doesn’t seem to be his thing. It is as if he knows damn well that love and tenderness are a far greater commodity when it comes to acoustic ballads rather than politically engrossed or downright malefic melodrama. Not that these topics can’t be done well, but it doesn’t seem to be his style whatsoever. And that is, without a doubt, absolutely perfect.

Download: “Keep Fighting” by Paul Turner
[audio:100524-paul-turner-keep-fighting.mp3|titles=Keep Fighting|artists=Paul Turner]

Download: “Love Is Wise” by Paul Turner
[audio:100524-paul-turner-love-is-wise.mp3|titles=Love Is Wise|artsits=Paul Turner]

1. Another World
2. Heaven and Earth
3. Really There
4. Impossible
5. Islands
6. Underskin
7. Blood and Water
8. Astronauts
9. Keep Fighting
10. Love Is Wise

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