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Treecreeper: November 23 [mp3]


Sometimes music just sounds better while lying on the floor. To lay in surrender of a song is powerful; in such moments we feel no need to move, the music moves for us. Such is the experience while listening to Treecreeper’s “November 23”. Lengthy tracks are hard to do well and though this one lends itself towards predictability in rhythm and direction, such simplicity does the song well creating for us a rough and raw landscape of emotions and experience.

A band hailing from the U.K., Treecreeper’s sound is reminiscent of 90’s era grunge blended richly with alternative country rock, two distinct styles that go down nicely. They want us to pay attention; the stinging guitar coupled with the pulsing melancholy and gruff vocals make it easy to do so. There is something to be reclaimed through their music, a tangled up thickness we’re to be released from as songs tell us stories of that part of us lost to the smoke and dust of a sunset lit bar.

We’ll leave eventually, but for now all we need is to lie on the floor and listen.

“November 23” is off Treecreeper’s Juniper, out next month on Trash Aesthetics.

Download: “November 23rd” by Treecreeper
[audio:100519-treecreeper-november-23rd.mp3|titles=November 23rd|artists=Treecreeper]

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