The Twees [Feature]

The Twees

Few bands have the tenacity to go as far as naming their band after a subgenre. The Twees have no regard at doing this, even though their infectious upbeat indie pop maintains the light and lo-fi bounce often associated with the outskirts of that label. Unfair Affair is their latest single, released digitally for free today. The single includes two tracks, “Unfair Affair” and “Hepburn Shades”, both of which will get under your skin and make you move (in an awkward 80s sort of way). The band has also made their prior EP, Lessons To Connect, available for free download.

The Twees drop in deep, sleepy, nonchalant vocals and set them atop punchy guitar riffs and pointed snare drum slaps. The band launches into “Unfair Affair” with You’re waiting for the weekend to come to an end / Cause I’m stuck at home while you’re out with your friends. The theme is re-emphasized in the chorus with: Say you’ll go / Cause I don’t wanna wait / I already know / That you might leave today. It’s an anthem for those lacking confidence, and for those who know a relationship is nearing the end.

Here’s a taste of The Twees with the title track to their single…

Download: “Unfair Affair” by The Twees
[audio:100513-the-twees-unfair-affair.mp3|titles=Unfair Affair|artists=The Twees]

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