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Wolf Parade

After two phenomenal albums, Apologies To The Queen Mary and At Mount Zoomer respectively, many of us have been looking forward to Wolf Parade‘s third. That day is near, meaning Sub Pop has now given us a taste of what to expect. And our expectations have been fulfilled — “What Did My Lover Say? (It Always Had To Go This Way)” and “Ghost Pressure” take on the sort of progression we heard between Apologies and Mount Zoomer while maintaining those core elements that make Wolf Parade such a powerful band.

Neither song reaches the epic wow-factor achieved in “Kissing The Beehive”, but both warrant exceptional praise. “What Did My Lover Say?” starts with a gritty electric guitar and rhythmic drumming familiar to Wolf Parade fans, while the vocals have a new pointed edge that adds a unique element. “Ghost Pressure” starts with synths before adding in that same percussion styling. The heavy presence of synth throughout the song itself is a slightly new thing, but it’s a good thing.

Just a few weeks ago, I noted ten reasons why Sub Pop may dominate my end of year list. After listening to the new tunes by Wolf Parade, you can add a number to that list.

The new album, Expo 86, drops via Sub Pop in late June.

Download: “What Did My Lover Say (It Always Had To Go This Way” by Wolf Parade
[audio:100505-wolf-parade-what-did-my-lover-say.mp3|titles=What Did My Lover Say (It Always Had To Go This Way)|artists=Wolf Parade]

Download: “Ghost Pressure” by Wolf Parade
[audio:100505-wolf-parade-ghost-pressure.mp3|titles=Ghost Pressure|artists=Wolf Parade]

Wolf Parade: Expo 86

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