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Hooray For Earth: Momo EP [Album Review]

Hooray For Earth

Hooray For Earth is a band that perfectly defines the east coast’s love for danceable indie tracks. Their up tempo, high spirited songs radiate through your body with the greatest of pop music induced ease. Their latest EP, Momo, is a well preserved collection of body-moving and mind-bending, electronically fused songs that are as highly intellectual as they are just plain fun to listen to.

“Comfortable, Comparable” is the song that really makes the album, while “Surrounded By Your Friends” is a close second. The latter’s peculiar and slightly sad storyline makes this track so intoxicating. With hollowed out vocals, a spiffy bass line and a pop-heavy chorus, “Surrounded By Your Friends” borders on irresistible. In fact, Momo in its entirety is a real delight.

Hooray For Earth surely can’t avoid comparisons to early Cure and late Duran Duran, or any 80’s new wave group that ever moved outside of their element for a short while. Luckily, these obvious influences aren’t negative. If a band like this can bring to light the b-side version of Simple Minds in such a successful manner, where is the harm? Let’s call Momo how it should be called – fresh and compelling no matter what decade it chooses to draw idealism from.

Above photo by Jonny Leather.

Download: “Surrounded By Your Friends” by Hooray For Earth
[audio:100428-hooray-for-earth-surrounded-by-your-friends.mp3|titles=Surrounded By Your Friends|artists=Hooray For Earth]


[CDEP, 2010]

1. Surrounded By Your Friends
2. Comfortable, Comparable
3. Get Home
4. Scaling
5. Form
6. Rolling/Nectarine

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