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The Ambience Affair: Patterns EP [Album Review]

The Ambience Affair

It’s not every day that a simple 4 song EP can blow your mind faster than a shotgun in a grunge musician’s double wide trailer. The Ambience Affair‘s sophomore EP, Patterns, does just that. Unless you have been well in the loop since their first EP, Fragile Things, this is sure to be the group that will be leaving you with questions such as, “where the hell have I been?” or “should I cut the world apart because I didn’t hear these guys earlier?” These guys could easily be your favorite indie rocker’s favorite indie rockers.

The acoustic guitars slap gently like that of a kind mother throughout Patterns. Especially on the happy-go-lucky cut “Malcontent”, which is basically as lo-fi as you can get. It is a beautiful and especially vocal display of the true atrocities of being lost in a world that only serves pizza and tall boys of shame and misery. But it’s the void filling “Lost At The Start” that really brings the “dense” format The Ambience Affair has been striving for. Jamie Clarke’s voice echoes through plywood walls of hurt and paper thin trails of happiness. These are the songs that keep us grounded, sane, and completely out of our minds.

The Ambience Affair sounds like so many groups that you probably used to listen to. It’s been said that every group formed after 2000 were probably influenced by Radiohead. Probably true. But the influence of York is predominant and almost terrifyingly interpreted perfectly on Patterns. This is not to say that a bunch of hip kids simply smoked three pounds of opium, listened to Kid A a few dozen times, then decided to start a band. No — this is a group of stellar proportions and as elaborate in style as the desert sunset. And this is an album that deserves very specific credit for its swagger and brilliant ingenuity at the very least.

Download: “Lost At The Start” by The Ambience Affair
[audio:100426-ambience-affair-lost-at-the-start.mp3|titles=Lost At The Start|artists=The Ambience Affair]


Indiecater Records [CDEP, 2010]

1. Devil In The Details
2. Malcontent
3. Parting Paterns
4. Lost At The Start

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