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Shiny & The Spoon: Shiny & The Spoon [Album Review]

Shiny & The Spoon

There is something young and lovely about a ukulele. By its simple and unassuming sound we are taken to images of sun-lit woods and sweet-air beaches. We hear a ukulele and we know something good is bound to happen. Such is the spirit of duo act Shiny & the Spoon. Comprised of Amber Nash and Jordan Neff, the two Americana folksters work whimsically together in creating bare-boned songs of hazy nights and mellow mornings, sounds capable of churning loneliness into solitude.

We once again are at peace to be simple. In an era where underground music artists seem to be taking a turn for thickly layered synthesizers and electrics, Shiny & the Spoon feed us sounds of slightly sultry 1920’s vivacity with cowboy guitars and railroad harmonicas. Their debut self-titled album, with standout tracks such as “Simple Song” and “Buried”, is full of dirt road stories and dusty birds. One listen leaves us feeling like long, tall blades of grass. The red and yellow tulips on my coffee table seem to agree, good music does not have to be complicated and more often than not we are better to be simple.

Download: “Simple Song” by Shiny & The Spoon
[audio:100422-shiny-and-the-spoon-simple-song.mp3|titles=Shiny Song|artists=Shiny & The Spoon]

Shiny & The Spoon: Shiny & The Spoon

[CDEP, 2010]

1. Simple Song
2. Buried
3. Canary In A Coalmine
4. Two Pennies
5. Dream
6. Feedin’
7. Good On You

2 thoughts on “Shiny & The Spoon: Shiny & The Spoon [Album Review]

  1. Heard these two along with Magnolia Mountain last Friday at the Fling Barn. My wife and I bought their EB (CD) and listened to it over the weekend too.

    Great voice/s we plan on making regular trips to hear them. Well worth the time to find them and listen!

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