Beach Fossils [Feature]


I recently posted a list of ten bands that I should have checked out last year and there was an overall theme to the ten: several were from the Woodsist label. Beach Fossils has the sound of that label, and it’s no surprise; the band released a 7″ via Woodsist late last year. Their sound is packed with the fuzzy folk-pop jangle of bands like Woods and Real Estate and Fresh & Onlys. “Youth” is the band’s next single and it’s off their forthcoming self-titled release on Captured Tracks, out any day now. It’s a laid-back summer indie-pop jam, filled with jangly guitars and chilled-out percussion.

I’m not sure about you, but music like this makes me want to sit outside in the shade and drink a cold, dark beer while watching the trees sway in the light breeze and soft clouds slowly pass by, occasionally blocking the heat of the sun. And, of course, do it all while cranking up songs just like “Youth” and “Vacation” and “Daydream”. Beach Fossils is the latest of many groups to utilize this sound, not necessarily soft but also not fast. It’s a mix that bodes well for the coming summer months.

Beach Fossils will be released via cassette, CD, and vinyl.

Download: “Youth” by Beach Fossils
[audio:100421-beach-fossils-youth.mp3|titles=Youth|artists=Beach Fossils]

Download: “Daydream” by Beach Fossils
[audio:100421-beach-fossils-daydream.mp3|titles=Daydream|artists=Beach Fossils]

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