The Apples In Stereo: Dance Floor [Video]

The Apples In Stereo

Elijah Wood is the star in The Apples in stereo‘s new video for the song “Dance Floor” off their forthcoming (and highly anticipated) album Travellers In Space And Time. As the press release behind the video notes, “Dance Floor” will make more sense if you first watch “Exploring The Universe With Elijah Wood”. “Exploring” also features Robert Schneider of The Apples in stereo, and it provides great amusement. Half way through, Schneider hits a button suspiciously labeled “E.L.F.N.T. – 6”, which opens a portal to an alternate universe. In the alternate universe Robert Schneider is a musician and not a scientist.

“Dance Floor” picks up where “Exploring” leaves off, so it’s recommended you watch it first. Then, check out “Dance Floor” and see what happens when Wood visits the alternate universe. Then, head over to the The Apples in stereo website to download the song and visit Step Through The Portal for more.

Exploring The Universe With Elijah Wood

Dance Floor

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