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Home Compilation Vol. 1 [Album Review]


Sharing is caring. Home is where the heart is. These are two very cliché sayings we have been hearing our entire lives. But in the realm of independent music, they have taken on whole new purposes. The fine folks at Rash Records greatly understand this new purpose. So many artists are spreading their beautiful words almost entirely from home and sending it out on the super information highway for the entire world to hear. The days of peddling cassette tapes at your local harbor or public park and depending on direct word of mouth are over. Rash’s compilation, Home, is a wonderful collection of living quarters-based folk and acoustic-based artists wishing to share with you a fresh cup of coffee in the figurative living room recording studio.

For fans of mild mannered acoustic beautification, this is a compilation that is guaranteed to please. And if you’re looking to get a bit of electro pop satisfaction, the inclusion of groups like Bad Dancer (“Have You Seen My Love”) and Dan Whitehouse (“If I Grow Old (Soap Company Remix)”) will definitely satisfy your needs. Some of Europe’s finest independent spirits have been enticed on Home, to include such fine acts as Cleemann, The Big I Am, Wim Oudjik, Beachy Head Music Club, The Million Stars, and several other artists that should not be passed up.

Home is a beautiful salute to the new trend of inner mind fantasies taking on an on line dependency. How did we survive so long without having such a total enforced way of discovering today’s greatest music from all over the glove? And thanks to folks like those of Rash Records, we can compile the finest artists into one specified download link that just might change your life. Oh yeah, and it’s absolutely free from their website. Another beautiful kicker of today’s internet filled lifestyle.

Download Home Compilation Vol. 1 from the Rash Records website as a one hundred percent free download.

Download: “Have You Seen My Love?” by Bad Dancer
[audio:100413-bad-dancer-have-you-seen-my-love.mp3|titles=Have You Seen My Love?|artists=Bad Dancer]

Download: “Small Rain” by The Million Stars
[audio:100413-million-stars-small-rain.mp3|titles=Small Rain|artists=The Million Stars]


Rash Records [Digital LP, 2010]

1. “Collecting Skies” by The Big I Am
2. “Maybe In The Holidays” by Big Hands Big Hearts
3. “Skipping Down The Street” by My Little Pony
4. “Lady Godiva’s Horse” by Head Of Light Entertainment
5. “Small Rain” by The Million Stars
6. “Man Without Mobile” by Snippet
7. “If I Grow Old (Soap Company Remix)” by Dan Whitehouse
8. “English Way Of Coping” by Beachy Head Music Club
9. “Sleep” by Stealing Sheep
10. “Vermillion” by Bobby Wotnot
11. “Have You Seen My Love?” by Bad Dancer
12. “Bath” by Wim Oudijk
13. “Medusa” by Mutley
14. “Get Up” by Richard O’Flynn
15. “Ambitious” by Cleemann

2 thoughts on “Home Compilation Vol. 1 [Album Review]

  1. Thank you for the kind words, music really can work if people are kind to each other and don’t fight for the same space:-) Great blog really enjoyed reading it.

  2. I downloaded this album about a month ago after I listened to a track on BBC Introducing with Tom Robinson. (I live in Sydney, Australia, but got a little hooked on this show when living in the UK in 2008).

    I love “Home” so much. I have listened to the entire album several times. It is so fresh! I love the mix of artists and styles and the clever songwriting. It has such a great feel.

    I have just gone online and donated toward the project because it is definite worth it! I hope many more people do the same!

    Good luck!


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