The Morning Benders [Feature]

The Morning Benders

It seems like everyone’s raving about The Morning Benders this year, and after picking up a few copies of their single Promises, I’m joining the crowd. While “Promises” isn’t my favorite, it does warrant a hefty portion of merit thanks to unbearably catchy guitar riffs and vocal hooks. It’s an easy track to love, packed with plenty of pop and a fair share of originality to boot. My true favorite, though, is “Excuses”.

All this talk about favorites and I feel this needs to come with a disclaimer: I have yet to experience the band’s LP Big Echo in its entirety. Big Echo is in my queue to pick up on vinyl in the next month or so, budget permitting. Hopefully then I can fully experience the album everyone seems to be raving about.

The band dropped by Yours Truly for a little session in which they performed the song, joined by an entourage of additional musicians from the San Francisco area (Isn’t that the long-haired dude from Girls in there?) and a slew of percussionists. You can check that video out below.

From what I’ve heard thus far, The Morning Benders has me pretty excited to hear more. And I’d be surprised if, after listening to “Promises” and watching “Excuses”, you don’t feel the same.

Download: “Excuses” by The Morning Benders
[audio:100408-the-morning-benders-excuses.mp3|titles=Excuses|artists=The Morning Benders]

Download: “Promises” by The Morning Benders
[audio:100407-the-morning-benders-promises.mp3|titles=Promises|artists=The Morning Benders]

Yours Truly Presents: The Morning Benders “Excuses” from Yours Truly on Vimeo.

4 thoughts on “The Morning Benders [Feature]

  1. i love this band!
    i saw them as an opening act 3 years ago & have remained impressed with them ever since.
    great sounds!

  2. Hey Cyndi! I didn’t even realize they’ve been around that long (common assumption for the newly-generating-hype band). In retrospect, I think I like “Promises” more than “Excuses” but not by much. Both are amazing!

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