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No Kids: Judy At The Grove EP [Album Review]


If you’ve been following the doings of Vancouver, BC’s Nick Krgovich, you know he’s been a busy fellow. Maintenant by Gigi has garnered substantial hype this year and the band’s debut LP certainly warrants the attention. Krgovich is back under the guise of No Kids, whose last release joined together sounds not typically associated with pop music. Despite recording a 60s do-wop pop record under Gigi and performing under the P:ano moniker since the band’s last release, Come Into My House, No Kids picks up pretty much where they left off in 2008. Judy At The Grove has a similar cool pop meets funky R&B.

“At The Grove” opens the EP with the smooth sound of synths and muted trumpet. Krgovich’s voice melts the air with its chill, smooth surface. A clean guitar riff maintains that funky sound fans of “The Beaches Are Closed” have longed for since No Kids’ LP. “The Jazz Singer” even adds a Budos Band-like Afro-beat horn section, which is most excellent. Overall, Judy At The Grove is more laid back than Come Into My House. The tenor on the EP has a back-beat, head-nodding that wouldn’t be out of place in a swanky, dated lounge. With exception to “In Dreamland”, the songs are relaxed and nonchalant.

“In Dreamland” concludes the EP with power. The song is plush and full, much like “Halloween”, a favorite from the LP. Thus the make-up of the two releases is quite similar. What you get with Judy At The Grove is progression. There’s more going on here, a slight moving forward in maturity and skill, and a hint of greater production. Don’t get me wrong — No Kids remains very indie, but there exists here a greater presence that wasn’t quite realized in Come Into My House. The best news of all is that the music remains entirely fresh. To be cliche: No Kids is truly one-of-a-kind.

Download: “The Jazz Singer” by No Kids
[audio:100408-no-kids-the-jazz-singer.mp3|titles=The Jazz Singer|artists=No Kids]


Tomlab [12″ EP, 2010]

1. At The Grove
2. I Want To Be Around
3. The Jazz Singer
4. In Dreamland

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