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Twin Sister: Color Your Life [Album Review]

Twin Sister

Twin Sister pushes out one atmospheric pop song after another on Color Your Life, the band’s second EP. Opening tune “The Other Side Of Your Face” begins smooth and soft, but gradually grows into a minimalistic, calming fuzz drone by the end of the song. One part post-rock jam and one part electro-shoe-gaze drone, Twin Sister’s music flirts awkwardly between the hip, nerdy teen girl and the socially inept dweeb she once was. The insecurity is all for show. “All Around And Away We Go” adds in a beat that screams cool, while “Phenomenons” concludes the EP with an electro-drone. The experience is quite like having a pre-drunk buzz for the first time in months. It feels so good, you just want to sit in the corner and smile.

Color Your Life has that indie cool without being overly pretentious. It’s fun, but in a mellow, lazy sort of way — like staying in on a Friday and Saturday night and being bored for the sheer thrill of being bored. “Milk & Honey” begins, despite a humming drone of synth and cymbal roll, on a near-a cappella note before diving into a weird beat with complementary vocals that wouldn’t be out of place in, oh, say an understated Deerhoof or Fiery Furnaces song. But, as noted before, it lacks the pretension. It’s not nerdy for the sake of being nerdy — it’s nerdy because it is inherently so. And that’s what makes it really, really good.

Download: “Phenomenons” by Twin Sister
[audio:100407-twin-sister-phenomenons.mp3|titles=Phenomenons|artists=Twin Sister]

Download: “The Other Side Of Your Face” by Twin Sister
[audio:100407-twin-sister-the-other-side-of-your-face.mp3|titles=The Other Side Of Your Face|artists=Twin Sister]

Twin Sister: Color Your Life

Infinite Best Recordings [12″ LP, 2010]

1. The Other Side Of Your Face
2. Lady Daydream
3. Milk & Honey
4. All Around And Away We Go
5. Galaxy Plateau
6. Phenomenons

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