We Found A Lovebird [Feature]


I love this: We Found A Lovebird is named after an announcement they found posted somewhere on a waterfront promenade. That alone should spark some interest. The music itself fits the somewhat contemporary folk-pop genre. The sound is mature, but it’s also fun. “0 Avenue Park” kicks off their debut EP, which was recorded live at The Hive.

Right away, it’s apparent this band would be a fun one to catch at the local dive. Their sound has a slightly larger bite than, say, Seattle’s Math And Physics Club, but songs like “Concertina” still maintain a hint of that lounge-pop sound. The band quickly establishes itself as chill with a cool, muted trumpet, sultry female vocals (they hit their peak in “The Lament”), and an insistent tambourine.

As a debut, 5 Song EP is pretty much what you’d expect. It’s a band learning to find its way and beginning to define its sound. We Found A Lovebird has several shining qualities, and there’s definitely a place for this style of soft, mature pop. If they keep pumping out excellent tunes like “I Need A Good Drunk” and “Makes You Great”, don’t be surprised if We Found A Lovebird generates a little buzz.

The good news is that hey have. The band just released their debut 7″ single and it follows a similar path but with better production and more intrigue. “Hand It To Hollywood” blends male and female vocals for superb harmony that hints of a clash between Carissa’s Wierd and Rainer Maria. After listening to 5 Song EP, this is exactly what I was hoping to hear next from these folks. So much so that it sent a chill down my spine.

Download: “I Need A Good Drunk” by We Found A Lovebird
[audio:100406-we-found-a-lovebird-i-need-a-good-drunk.mp3|titles=I Need A Good Drunk|artists=We Found A Lovebird]

Download: “Hand It To Hollywood” by We Found A Lovebird
[audio:100406-we-found-a-lovebird-hand-it-to-hollywood.mp3|titles=Hand It To Hollywood|artists=We Found A Lovebird]

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