Spaghetti Anywhere: Incredible Hulk [Video]


This video by Spaghetti Anywhere, for some odd reason, reminds me of DZR:P’s “Oh Short Ribs”. It’s bizarre and a bit past the line of being downright creepy. Despite the oddities, there’s a certain brilliance and genius behind the video that cannot be denied. Yes, “Incredible Hulk” by Spaghetti Anywhere follows a similar path. It makes you feel awkward for watching, yet there’s blatant honesty as seen when the band sings I go crazy when I think of you. A hazy woman appears, and the awkwardness bleeds away — you get the impression there’s a lot of emotion behind the song, even if it isn’t conveyed in such a manner.

And that’s the brilliance behind Spaghetti Anywhere. I loved this band’s debut self-titled EP, but this is my favorite song of theirs yet.

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