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Some Beans: Fear and Loathing in Tipton St. John [Album Review]

Some Beans

Some Beans, aka Andy Fonda, aka ¼ of Noise Annoys Simon, is a pretty soulful cat. It’s a bit spooky at times, but it is always funky. His debut album, Fear and Loathing in Tipton St. John, might actually be a very well-planned dance track tribute to the honorable Dr. Hunter S. Thompson. Or not. Either way, this is electronica at its very finest. And that is perfectly alright.

Fear and Loathing in Tipton St. John is a wonderful dose of Neco wafers for the electronic sweet tooth in those folks who wouldn’t usually prefer the genre. It also meshes well with those who live and die by the computer method of artistic fortitude. “Unmistakable” is the go get ‘em, glow sticks in the air sort of jam one might expect. But, the almost R&B based “No More Wine” offers an entirely different perspective of the beauty that can be created by a click of the mouse, or the slide of a sound board.

Fonda appears to be one of the hardest working artists in England. Between Noise Annoys Simon, Some Beans, and working along with Pop Noise Records founder and another ¼ of Noise Annoys, Simon Bish, on his solo albums (not including a wonderful video he directed for Simon as well), he obviously knows his stuff. And this album is another prime example of the wide range of talent this UK underground king has to offer.

Download: “No More Wine” by Some Beans
[audio:100405-some-beans-no-more-wine.mp3|titles=No More Wine|artists=Some Beans]

Download: “Turning Blue” by Some Beans
[audio:100405-some-beans-turning-blue.mp3|titles=Turning Blue|artists=Some Beans]

Some Beans: Fear and Loathing in Tipton St. John

Pop Noise Recordings [CD, 2009]

1. All Too Real
2. Dark Days
3. No More Wine
4. None Of The Times
5. All About You
6. Take A Walk
7. Unmistakable
8. Come Down
9. Turning Blue
10. Switch
11. Breaking The Mould
12. Eight

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