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The Young Sinclairs: Songs Of The Young Sinclairs [Album Review]

The Young Sinclairs

Purveyors of great indie pop music, Kindercore Records released Songs Of The Young Sinclairs by The Young Sinclairs this week. Channeling the 60s folk-pop sound of The Byrds and hinting of a slight Clientele influence, the band packs every song with vocal harmonies and dreamy orchestration. The album begins strong with “Darling” and “Engineer Man” and The Young Sinclairs continue to pump out one hit after another to track 18, “Help You Decide”. And it’s nice to hear the psychedelic folk of jangle-worthy guitar ramblings backed by a drone of harmony in songs like “Thanks Paul Horn” and “Talisman”.

Long-time fans of The Young Sinclairs will recognize several tunes off Songs Of The Young Sinclairs as tracks off previous releases, yet there are plenty of tunes exclusive to this album. Most likely, however, this is your introduction to the band; if you’re in this camp, you might be surprised to find the band has behind them four LPs and two EPs. The Young Sinclairs are obviously seasoned at crafting the perfect jangly psychedelic folk tune, and this album demonstrates it eighteen times over. From what I’ve heard thus far, Songs Of The Young Sinclairs is the best release Kindercore has given us since their triumphant return in late 2007.

Download: “Tribe” by The Young Sinclairs
[audio:100402-young-sinclairs-tribe.mp3|titles=Tribe|artists=The Young Sinclairs]

The Young Sinclairs: Songs Of The Young Sinclairs

Kindercore Records [12″ LP, 2010]

1. Darling
2. Cancelled Flight
3. Engineer Man
4. Thanks Paul Horn
5. Blessed Blackness
6. Tough Face
7. It’s Real and It’s The End
8. Keep Them Down
9. Tribe
10. The Most IMpressive
11. Up Against The Wall
12. They’re Not Writing
13. Honeysuckle Rose and Pumpkin
14. Talisman
15. Don’t Be Scared
16. Llama Farm
17. Everything I Do is Wrong
18. Help You Decide

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