A Cure For The Broken-Hearted [Feature]


The Philadelphia-based record label, Edible Onion, might very well be the only thing that can be called music as we once knew it. In the digital frenzy of now, it is often harder get yourself excited about a new release — even one from your favorite artist. Few folks venture away from their laptops to buy music anymore (and that’s a shame). For anyone born in the 90’s, you might be surprised to learn that there once were stores called “Record Stores”, “Music Shops” etc. that sold albums and music related accessories exclusively! I’m not kidding, look them up! Edible Onion knows this very well. That is why they have developed an ingenious way of merging the old school with the status commenting new school by developing beautiful hand painted and sewed, uniquely designed album jackets and records of some of the best mild mannered artists creating music right now. And how does this match the new spirit of an entirely internet based world? Well, even as short as the runs might be, you can buy them online from your la-z-boy!

This eccentric label has also discovered the divine power of online advertising as well. Edible Onion will be releasing a compilation album entitled A Cure For The Broken-Hearted in May. It’s to be a beautiful collection tunes from artists that have graced the label’s presence in the past, and few more they would like to welcome in the future. The label will be streaming a new song from the album every week until it’s official release. Artists include The Chord & The Fawn, Br’er, Dancing Feather Moon, Lopass Mates, and a few more. A real highlight is Power Animal’s tremendously redesigned track “Female Wrestler (Less Urban Version)”. This song alone is worth getting your hands on a flower-pedal-encrusted copy of this album. So, right click your way over to the website to hear what the good talk is all about. Then at least walk outside to the mailbox in May to receive your own personalized copy of this sure to be wonderful compilation. It’s at least one small step backwards in the right direction.

Hear this week’s featured track, and find more information about release at the Edible Onion Website.

Download: “Female Wrestler (Less Urban Version)” by Power Animal
[audio:100331-power-animal-female-wrestler.mp3|titles=Female Wrestler|artists=Power Animal]

Download: “Crocus” by Br’er

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