The Superions: Who Threw That Ham At Me ? [Video]

The Superions

Let’s not sugar coat the story here. The Superions‘ single and respected video, “Who Threw That Ham At Me” is nothing more than a strange story about getting caught shoplifiting meat products and all while enjoying a nice disco and inventing a new dance to twirl about and “flip your lid”. Seems kind of strange, right? But, once you realize that the ring leader of this estranged disco circus is none other than Fred Schneider, it might make more sense. This is indeed the man who successfully lodged the idea into our heads that there is such a thing as a “Rock Lobster”. Few folks could pull off these antics with such grace. Schneider seems to have no problem though.

“Who Threw That Ham At Me?” is a video that could have been a very well-played-out musical number in every John Waters film. There’s no real deep subtext, or even a single matter of seriousness throughout the entire song. But who really cares? Just have fun and enjoy the experience as you learn how to do the “Disco Garbage Can”. It doesn’t seem very hard.

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