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Kadman: These Old Bones [Album Review]


True folk-pop minimalists are of a rare breed these days. Many folks have become perfectly fond of only accepting Nick Drake and a handful of other Drake ripoffs hanging around. My recommendation: let these conformists have a listen to Kadman’s sophomore release These Old Bones. Let thee be regretful and God forgive them for their ignorance when they hear the awesome sounds of this Baltimore-based threesome.

David Manchester (guitar/vocals) and company (Frank Corl on drums, James Bahleda on everything you can imagine) have been noticed throughout the Northeast for their stellar live performances. Their talents prove to be just as effective on record as they are when said talent is dripping from their foreheads onto barroom floors. “Anything” is by far the highlight of These Old Bones. It’s a real shit-kicking tune with some long notes barreled from Manchester’s mouth. But for the die hard enthusiasts, “Bone & Wire” is the song that will set your heart aglow.

Kadman was once a solo project molded directly around David Manchester. Thankfully our man found himself a couple of stellar gentleman to match his talents as a craftsman in the low tempo pop world. These Old Bones is an album you will find yourself listening to no matter what mood you are in. It has the ability to reek havoc amongst the independent world simply by being that damn good. Jealousy is sure to ensue.

Download: “Anything” by Kadman

Download: “Bone & Wire” by Kadman
[audio:100322-kadman-bone-wire.mp3|titles=Bone & Wire|artists=Kadman]

Kadman: These Old Bones

The Beechfields Record Label [CD, 2010]

1. Portraits
2. Anything
3. Bone & Wire
4. Sunshine
5. Contracts To End
6. Dropped
7. An Army Rises
8. Mountain Song
9. Lullaby
10. Little Darling

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