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Spencer McGillicutty: Games [Album Review]

Spencer McGillicutty

Spencer McGillicutty is a pop group with a retro edge. Their unquestionably complex, catchy melodies and co-ed vocals hint of the pop of the 1950s and ’60s. Games is their sophomore release and on it they go slightly acoustic with excellent tracks like “In My Arms Again” and “Secret Best Friend”. Like the pop music of half-a-century ago, this band creates music that is highly upbeat.

Spencer McGillicutty’s multi-faceted orchestration is tambourine-heavy and features jangly guitars, an occasional horn section. If you dig the carefree pop of the 60s, with a predilection toward girl-groups of that era, you’ll easily fall in love with “Hide And Seek” and, not surprisingly, “It’s Easy To Fall In Love”. Backed by orchestration provided slew of friends, this quartet has been dubbed The cutest band in the land, and their music is fits that statement perfectly.

Download: “Secret Best Friend” by Spencer McGillicutty
[audio:100323-spencer-mcgillicutty-secret-best-friend.mp3|titles=Secret Best Friend|artists=Spencer McGillicutty]

Spencer McGillicutty: Games

[CD, 2009]

1. An Act Of Contrition
2. In My Arms Again
3. Claire Carnaby
4. Secret Best Friend
5. Give Me A Try
6. Telephone Signals
7. Hide And Seek
8. It’s Easy To Fall In Love
9. Hanging Around With Jane
10. Lock Myself Away
11. So Far

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  1. YALL SHOULD GET THIS CD I LOVE IT!!!!! E> <3 love this song keep up the good work. i think that yall are going to go far.. and if not you will always be the best band i know…

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