Young Adults [Demo Reel]

Young Adults

Listening to “Rip It Up” by Allston, MA band Young Adults, one is hit with a wall of intense guitar noise, erratic percussion, and emotionless, monotonous post-punk vocals. It quite literally gives me the exact same feeling I had upon first hearing No Age. The pauses, the emphases; they’re all there in the proper places. “Annulation” follows suit with a bit more depth in the guitar. “Let Us Out” returns to Young Adults’ wild side. There’s a hint of Ian Curtis in the vocals, but the guitars are much too noise-driven for a Joy Division reference. The demo concludes with “Bummer Summer”, a very youthful anthem that has the numbing effect of all the noisy hype bands you care to name off — No Age, Japandroids, Wavves. Given some light refinement, a hint of production, and perhaps a year of growing up, and Young Adults could easily play with these big boys.

Download: “Bummer Summer” by Young Adults
[audio:100322-young-adults-bummer-summer.mp3|titles=Bummer Summer|artists=Young Adults]

Download: “Rip It Up” by Young Adults
[audio:100322-young-adults-rip-it-up.mp3|titles=Rip It Up|artists=Young Adults]

Download: “Annulation” by Young Adults
[audio:100322-young-adults-annulation.mp3|titles=Annulation|artists=Young Adults]

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