The Sweet Serenades: Die Young [Video]


The Sweet Serenades are, well, just that; a sweet compilation of all things happy or sad, in mourning or bliss. This Swedish duo look as though they could be pounding lagers amongst muscly, flanneled woodsmen, but damned if they wouldn’t hesitate to break into a beautiful ballad at any moment. “Die Young”, from their amazing album Balcony Cigarettes, is a beautiful track serenading (pun, intended) one of the greatest yet most heartbreaking mistakes human beings can make: the one night stand. With guest vocals from Club 8’s Karolina Komstedt, this tremendous little ditty, recently featured on the for some reason still hit show Grey’s Anatomy, is sure to steal your heart. Or, as these guys portray it, wish it were worn as a giant suit for all to see.

A music video set to the tone of an independent film channel style cannot go wrong. Komstedt’s portrayal as the guilt free heart-breaker will probably steal the show for most. But, nothing can compare to a man dancing in a giant heart costume spewing out your every desire in the most comical of fashions. The Sweet Serenades have always been quite the quirky and eccentric duo, but this puts them way over the top!

Download: “Die Young” by The Sweet Serenades
[audio:100309-sweet-serenades-die-young.mp3|titles=Die Young|artists=The Sweet Serenades]

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