Vaus: San Francisco [Video Premiere]


FensePost is excited to bring to you an exclusive premiere of the new Vaus video for “San Francisco” off The Floating Celebration, out today on Night World Records.

Lyn Vaus is a worldly man, having originated in Denmark, grown up in Los Angeles, and attended high school in Tehran, Iran. A Santa Cruz (UCSC?) drop-out, Vaus migrated to Connecticut to live on a farm and work on his songs before picking up and again moving, this time to Boston. He ultimately found his way back to Los Angeles, doing odd jobs much cooler than milking cows (independent movie stuff, writing and editing for a movie house, etc.). Somewhere along the way The Floating Celebration found a home on Night World Records, based in Washington DC.

There’s reason for the journey into Vaus’s past; his travels have brought forth various influences. Most obvious are the psychedelic nature of his songwriting and the travel-worthy folk styling keen to his wanderings. “San Francisco”, both in song and video, reminisces on a different time — one of peace, love, and political unrest, and how it all came apart. Hippies, high society, Charles Manson, our cultures true foray into mass capitalist spending, politics for personal gain; they’re all here.

Brad Anderson, with whom Vaus worked closely in his LA film days, directed “San Francisco”. It’s the perfect fit for Vaus, who, through his travels, lives a somewhat beatnik-like lifestyle. And it comes across in his music, which screams 60s psychedelic folk revival. Vaus releases The Floating Celebration today on Night World.

Download: “Teraphim” by Vaus

Vaus “San Francisco” from planetary group on Vimeo.

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