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David Minne: Pop Sarcastic [Album Review]


There is an unspoken comfort zone in underground music around the Pacific Northwest. We all know it is there, but we refuse to acknowledge it for fear of reprisal. However, when an artist invades this zone and tears down the walls, it’s becomes time for some exposure. This is just what David Minne does with his debut full-length album Pop Sarcastic.

As David takes us through well-written tales of misery and excitement, it’s as if you can smell the dusty flannel and clearly imagine the long bangs fluttering over barely trimmed guitar strings. His songs are short, sweet, and obviously inspired from a depth of being that’s yearning to tell the truth by all means necessary. Each song from Pop Sarcastic is a story that brings wholehearted emotion to you through simple storytelling and a passion the indie world has not seen in a good while.

Pop Sarcastic has that chilled out and domesticated sound of simplicity for which so many long. It is the sound of your local favorite at any given open mic night brought into a studio to bring his dreams to a more audio-efficient landscape. With production from Nathan Skolrud (Trespassers William), the dreams of David Minne are now ready and available for the world. It’s the sound of your best friend in his garage, spilling his soul over the abominations of life with a busted acoustic guitar. This is the album you been dying internally to hear.

Download: “Ballad Of Rock ‘N Roll” by David Minne
[audio:100308-david-minne-ballad-of-rock-n-roll.mp3|titles=Ballad Of Rock ‘N Roll|artists=David Minne]


1. George Washington
2. Ballad Of Rock ‘N Roll
3. End Of The World
4. Castles By The Sea
5. Ava From Hell
6. Go
7. Some Say
8. Can’t See Heaven
9. Big Sky Country
10. So It Goes
11. Jingoes
12. Sentimental Drive

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