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Golden Triangle: Double Jointer [Album Review]


Clash art punk with the resurgence of a somewhat Grrrl Rock sound and you’ll begin to get the picture Golden Triangle paints. Double Jointer is the band’s debut full length, following a self-titled EP from last year. Golden Triangle’s sound is based around noise. Everything is loud, in your face, and over the top. Exotic and slightly erotic, “Blood And Arrow” and “Eyes To See” bring forth a bit of crazy. That crazy is a common theme throughout Double Jointer, and it’s just as present (if not more so) than it was on their debut.

The consistent use of tambourine to accompany the percussion and the overpowering dual and triage of female vocal shouts work together miraculously. Add to that the echoing reverb of jangly punk guitar riffs cranked up to infinity and Golden Triangle has developed a sound that is truly all-encompassing. Despite epic volume, this six-some produces music that is catchy and fun and ear-piercingly good. It isn’t hard to fall in love with “Cinco de Mayo”, “Rollercoaster”, and “The Melting Wall”, and the same can be said for practically everything off Double Jointer.

Erotic things are wanton fodder for those with weak-willed when it comes to lust and obsession, and Golden Triangle uses this to their advantage in Double Jointer. These sounds will get inside your head, your loins, and give you an itch you can’t scratch — one that feels oh-so-good. Prepare to fall for this band, and prepare to fall hard.

Golden Triangle: Jinx [mp3]
[audio:100303-golden-triangle-jinx.mp3|titles=Jinx|artists=Golden Triangle]

Golden Triangle: Neon Noose [mp3]
[audio:100121-golden-triangle-neon-noose.mp3|titles=Neon Noose|artists=Golden Triangle]

Golden Triangle Double Jointer Cover

Hardly Art [CD, 2010]

1. Cinco de Mayo
2. Blood And Arrow
3. Neon Noose
4. I Want To Know
5. Jellyroll
6. Death To Fame
7. Rollercoaster
8. Eyes To See
9. The Melting Wall
10. Jinx
11. Arson Wells

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