Imaginary SXSW Sendoff: A 3IG Hootenanny


Has it really been two years since I was last at SXSW? Time sure does fly! The festival is back and likely crazier and more sponsored than ever. And I’m only slightly jealous of all the fun thousands of people will have as they descend upon Austin. I had some good times at SXSW ’07 and ’08, from working with the folks at The Current from Minneapolis to witnessing the joint Hootenanny production at Lovejoy’s sponsored by Three Imaginary Girls and Magic Marker Records (above photo by me, of The Zebras, at the event). Well, 3IG is back and this time they’re bringing the Hootenanny to Seattle for big ol’ sendoff party.


As the poster notes, the sendoff is this Friday at Neumos, 8PM, featuring the bands highlighted below. So, in true FensePost list form, here’s a spotlight on the artists performing the 2010 Hootenanny SXSW Sendoff…

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A blend of modern pop-influenced punk with hints of a earlier power pop sound, Visqueen has become a local favorite for many a Seattleite. The band also (currently) includes a little-known, but personal favorite: Cristina Bautista on bass and back-up vocals. She replaces a number of previous gents and ladies who have filled that role. Their most recent album, Message To Garcia, came out last fall on Local 638 Records.

Visqueen: Beautiful Amnesia [mp3]

* * * * *


Hey Marseilles

I love the orchestral elements Hey Marseilles adds to their lineup. Despite the mash-up of orchestral folk and orchestral pop, it’s not your traditional blend. There’s an extra shuffle in songs like “From A Terrace”. In a way, they are to local favorite Grand Hallway what Bombadil is to Efterklang. There are seemingly undeniable similarities, yet the band is ultimately in a whole different ballpark; and it treats them very well.

Hey Marseilles: Rio [mp3]
[audio:100302-hey-marseilles-rio.mp3|titles=Rio|artists=Hey Marseilles]

* * * * *


Mash Hall (formerly They Live!)

Formerly known as They Live!, Mash Hall is a unique sample-based local hip hop group. As I’m not too familiar with the group nor the sound, here’s what the Mash Hall site has to say about the band: MASH HALL is a lifestyle movement started in 1995 by cousins djblesOne and Ronnie Voice. The site goes on to note that the movement stems much further than great music, including a clothing line and dance team.

Mash Hall: They Live They Love They Leave [mp3]
[audio:100302-mash-hall-they-live-they-love-they-leave.mp3|titles=They Live They Love They Leave|artists=Mash Hall]

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Fences is the project of Chris Mansfield, who mixes pop and rock for a sound strangely unique for the somewhat common genres. Some songs are loud, some are acoustic and some hint of a light hip-hop-like beat. Spin recently called them one of the top 10 must-hear acts from the Sasquatch 2010 lineup. Here’s a video of Fences performing for GiveSeattle.org:

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