Air Conditioning School: Wake Me Up [Video]

Air Conditioning School

On my radar late last year, Total Babe came to dominate as a band that released one of my favorite EPs of the year. From that same label, So-Tm Records, comes Air Conditioning School. The band’s lazy acoustic folk-pop has the perfect swagger for the upcoming summer months, and “Wake Me Up” is a perfect example of this band’s ability. Like the song, which has traits common to the lo-fi and DIY communities, the video is simple and monochromatic.

The song does build as you near the midpoint; it gives the song added depth and compliments the softer moments while countering them. A hint of a steel guitar or lap slide guitar brings in a hint of country. “Wake Me Up” is a fun little track, an introduction to yet another stunning new band from Minneapolis. The song comes from Air Conditioning School’s new 2-song digital single, Wake Me Up.

Air Conditioning School: Wake Me Up [mp3]
[audio:100301-air-conditioning-school-wake-me-up.mp3|titles=Wake Me Up|artists=Air Conditioning School]

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