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Louisiana Territory: Traces Of Gold [Album Review]


Songwriting is an art that few can really perfect. Some artists have spent their entire lives producing words of wisdom, fear, turmoil, love, happiness, drastic sadness, etc. Some get heard and understood, some don’t. Bob Dylan has written more songs than you can shake a fedora at. So much work has been put into this art form, it’s almost unfair for it to go unnoticed. But, Richmond’s Louisiana Territory is bound for personal and recognizable glory with the wonderfully written words they have brought to life on their debut, full-length album Traces of Gold.

Fusing pop rock and folk/country (to avoid the bullshit term “alt-country”) to create a collection of stories straight from the 90’s alternative handbook is a never ending commodity that deserves to be exploited. And Louisiana Territory does it very well on Traces of Gold. The title track is exceptional, but the slowed down yet rhythmic “Shop You Down” is the an example of this band’s brilliant play on words. You just might find yourself lost in your own mental repressions as you hear these stories glide around your body like a doomed spirit of all things passed. Isn’t it wonderful when an album can clean out your closet like that?

Traces of Gold is an album to share and share alike. It could very well become just another number in your collection of albums from indie past, but it will more than likely be an album you frequently return to. When you think about that person that you let go into the great unknown, or that point in time you wish you could erase out of desperation, you just might think of Louisiana Territory. Not to say it can’t remind you of a great conversation over a Cafe Mocha, but again, this is 90’s inspiring. A bit of sadness is alright here and again. As long as the gold at the end of the rainbow still glistens somewhere in the clubs of Richmond, Virgina, we might be alright. One day.

Louisiana Territory: Traces Of Gold [mp3]
[audio:100226-louisiana-territory-traces-of-gold.mp3|titles=Traces Of Gold|artists=Louisiana Territory]


[CD, 2009]

1. Traces Of Gold
2. Beauty Is Growing
3. Orion’s Belt
4. Rest
5. Last Day Of March
6. Superstar
7. For You
8. Safe And Sound
9. Shop You Around
10. Day And Night

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