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Thousands: The Sound Of Everything [Album Review]


Music based solely around acoustic guitars is so often slapped with the “simple” label, that one tends to associate the term with all artists that base their music solely around that particular instrument. Acoustic folk-pop artist Thousands prove that’s a fallacy. His melodies are as intricate and complex as the vocal patterns the band mixes in on The Sound Of Everything. Thousands is Seattle duo Kristian Garrard and Luke Bergman, and together they make some of the best acoustic music you’ll hear west of the Rockies.

It’s not all acoustic guitar/vocals on The Sound Of Everything; the title track features what sounds like a harmonium. For the most part, however, it’s back to the basics of your standard singer-songwriter construct. But Thousands is far from garnering that label. No, their songs are too off-beat for that.

“Everything Turned Upsidedown”, “Sun Cuz”, and “On And On” all stand out with catchy vocal hooks backed by immensely pleasant dual guitars. Never once do Thousands break into a full strum, which keeps their music fresh and interesting. Some of their best songs are like “Love Won’t Come”, when Garrard and Bergman join together plentifully in vocal harmony.

The Sound Of Everything may have come to me as a neatly packaged and self-decorated black-and-white CD-R, but it has the power and skill of a band on par with the Simon And Garfunkels or Elliott Smith. Absolutely brilliant!

You can pick up The Sound Of Everything online at bandcamp, as well as and iTunes. The album will receive proper physical release on March 13, and will be available at your local Seattle music retailers.

Thousands: Everything Turned Upside-Down [mp3]
[audio:100225-thousands-everything-turned-upsidedown.mp3|titles=Everything Turned Upside-Down|artists=Thousands]


[CD, 2009]

1. Mtses III
2. Big Black Road
3. Red Seagulls
4. Debris
5. Everything Turned Upsidedown
6. The Sound Of Everything
7. Sun Cuz
8. To Save The Truth
9. Love Won’t Come
10. Must Be Born Again
11. We Don’t Tell
12. On And On

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