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Spaghetti Anywhere: Spaghetti Anywhere [Album Review]

Spaghetti Anywhere

Four bizarre folksy indie-pop songs; that’s what you get with Spaghetti Anywhere‘s self-titled EP, out this week. They possess a slight jangle in guitar, feature mechanical drums and an occasional keyboard line. There’s a major shuffle in the guitar that adds in highly upbeat hooks. And the band slaps in some extremely unique vocals and lyrics.

Four songs, beginning with “Gregory’s Girl”, which has some mixed in samples and a most interesting focus on xylophone — it’s actually a setting on a Yamaha PortaSound Keyboard. “Girlfriends With Boyfriends” emphasizes the jangle in guitar, while “Love Again” is more of a ballad than the rest. With hints of electro-pop hiding behind the instrumentation, “Love Again” is less odd than the others, but not by much. “Hazy Daze” again features that xylophone-like sound.

Listening to Spaghetti Anywhere, one gets the impression of originality. This is a very unique sound, and Spaghetti Anywhere has molded it into a cohesive four songs that are really quite good. If only more bands would create music with the off-beat personality like that of this band. You’re left wondering what you just heard, if your ears were deceiving you, and when you can hear more.

Spaghetti Anywhere: Gregory’s Girl [mp3]
[audio:100223-spaghetti-anywhere-gregorys-girl.mp3|titles=Gregory’s Girl|artists=Spaghetti Anywhere]

Spaghetti Anywhere Cover Art

[CDEP, 2010]

1. Gregory’s Girl
2. Girlfriends With Boyfriends
3. Love Again
4. Hazy Daze

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