Ben Sollee and Daniel Martin Moore Go Sing It On the Mountain [Feature]

Daniel Martin Moore and Ben Sollee

“Something, Somewhere, Sometime” off Dear Companion, a shining collaboration between folk music masters Ben Sollee, Daniel Martin Moore and Yim Yames, is an intoxicating song of sweetly pulsing and circular melodies. We feel something hopeful when hearing it; it’s been a long dark time of hurt and regret, of fear for saying the wrong thing and losing a person forever. Suddenly, a song becomes the only way in which to express the tumultuous feelings inside.

There is something very Shakespearean about such a circumstance, as if this song is the only means by which the speaker in Sonnet 130 can express their feelings. The communal tune is light yet richly textured, teasing us with surprising drum beats in the middle of the song. Something is happening! We’re going somewhere! Something within us, that dark and ugly weight… is lifted. You can’t help but feel their energy as it’s translates into your veins.

A song that makes you feel like you’re driving, adventuring through mountains and Appalachian landscapes. It is all pretty fitting, considering all record royalties from Dear Companion will go towards Appalachian Voices, an organization pursuing the end of Mountaintop Removal while also exploring how we can better nurture our earth. Help out a mountain or two by committing to a new rocking and soul-lingering album? If this song feels good, check out the album in it’s entirety. Why not my friends?

Dear Companion is out now on Sub Pop Records.

Ben Sollee And Daniel Martin Moore: Something, Somewhere, Sometime [mp3]
[audio:100223-ben-sollee-dmm-sss.mp3|titles=Something Somewhere Sometime|artists=Ben Sollee And Daniel Martin Moore]


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  1. I have been listening to Dear Companion obsessively for about a month. I can’t seem to get enough of it. It was a featured release on a National government radio (‘Radio National, ABC) here in Australia. There’s something that seems to suit my mood. Thanks for your blog – you hit the emotional tone of the album beautifully. Thanks also the Ben and Daniel. Can’t wait to buy the next.

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