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UltraChorus: Ultra-Def [Album Review]


Chris Heidman knows electronic music. Jeff Lorentzen knows R&B/hip hop flavor. Together they make UltraChorus, a digitized electro-pop frenzy that rivals the likes of Gnarls Barkley or Hot Chip. Because of the nonconforming and experimental irregularities that their debut album Ultra-Def has against modern R&B, there is an indifference in what this Minneapolis based duo should be labeled. All that’s really important to understand is that these cats have soul and can write one hell of a love song. Whatever category their qualities are dubbed, they probably exceed the necessary credentials for that three others as well.

The folksy art pop track ‘Words Kept Talking” had a good run in the net world. And it’s a great track to remember when scanning through your digital playlist. But Ultra-Def as a whole has no single highlight greater than the opening cut “Scarlet Eyes”. This wonderfully written and catchy track is for the lovestruck and dumbfounded. It’s probably the least complicated sounding song on the album. In the end, an album that is as complete as this one… well, it’s just hard to find a standout track, one that peaks above the rest. This is not a bad thing at all, given the high quality of Ultra-Def.

Chris and Jeff have something great on their hands with UltraChorus. Originality is a commodity that is not embellished enough these days. Obscurity is often used for the cause, but it’s usually too messy and complicated. These guys have a clean, smooth-edged collection of poetic dance tracks for the world. It doesn’t get much more original than that. What a concept: do something new, but do it right. If only more folks could take heed to what these vibrant planetmen have to say.

UltraChorus: Words Kept Talking [mp3]
[audio:100222-ultrachorus-words-kept-talking.mp3|titles=Words Kept Talking|artists=UltraChorus]

UltraChorus Ultra-Def

SOTM Records [CD, 2009]

1. Scarlet Eyes
2. Words Kept Talking
3. Bestin The Father
4. Taskforce
5. HouseParty 5
6. Yucatan Peninsula
7. Keep Them, Stupid
8. Margins
9. Something Forsakes
10. Happy And Sad
11. Planetman
12. Paraset
13. Hairpin Whit Tactic

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