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Psalmships: Sweetheart Parade [mp3]


I’ve long thought that Joshua Britton of the band Psalmships and the band Sweetheart Parade sounded on par with an artist like Jason Molina (Songs:Ohia, The Magnolia Electric Co.). Hearing that Britton occasionally covers Molina live, then, was no surprise. In his latest release, now seemingly consistent under the moniker Psalmships, Britton completes one of his most masterful accomplishments yet — a nod to his earlier moniker and a song full and plush with a chorus of vocals in the bridge and a barrage of heavily strummed guitars.

“Sweetheart Parade” is built upon a strong melody and three guitars; one an acoustic focused on a strummed chord progression, the second focused on a one or two string strum for unique accompaniment, and an occasional third driving it all home with electricity. The song is the concluding track of Psalmships latest release, a mere four-song EP titled Lapwing + Grizzly. This release is the predecessor to Psalmships’ sophomore LP, Kronotsky, out next month.

Psalmships: Sweetheart Parade [mp3]
[audio:100217-psalmships-sweetheart-parade.mp3|titles=Sweetheart Parade|artists=Psalmships]

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  1. All his stuff is incredible, it’s the mixture of his poetry and the voice he delivers it with that makes him stand out above most. There is something about his music where even though you might know what to expect stylistically you are always floored by what and how he offers it. This song is just another soldier in his ever growing army.

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