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Cleemann: 45 Minutes Mostly About Caring [Album Review]


The great land of Copenhagen has a real DIY prodigy under its city lights. Gunnar Cleemann is one of the most well rounded musicians you will ever come across. He writes, plays, directs, breathes music. His lyrics are philosophical, but simple enough to refrain from being too pretentious (suck on that Oberst!) And we can’t forget his wonderful vocals, reminiscent of early solo Clapton. 45 Minutes Mostly About Caring is so much more than the title would insist. It is a triumphant display of one man conquering all aspects of the art of musicianship.

Cleemann’s theory that these songs are mostly about caring is not too far fetched. Each song displays human emotions we inevitably know, accept, or conquer throughout our lifetime. His idea that we should “care” about doing something with these emotions is bloody obvious and beautifully depicted. This profound artist knows exactly when to shift gears in volume and vibrant energy to make his descriptions clear. “Repairman” is soft and gentle, as if he is calling down the beast to rest his anger. “Emphatic” keeps a steady high-paced tone in order to calm the ego that restrains hospitality.

45 Minutes Mostly About Caring is far too selfless to have been birthed by the Western world. Our side of the globe knows emotion, strengths, and the deafening call of the weak. But we lack the history that could form an artist like Gunnar Cleemann. This is not to say he outranks the likes of Dylan or Cobain, but he is certainly on par when it comes to dedication to their craft. This is a piece of indie art history that, sadly, few will know about right off hand. But something of this nature can’t hide forever. Soon the effects of these 45 minutes will be heard by all in some way, shape, or form.

Cleemann: Ambitious [mp3]

Cleemann: Emphatic [mp3]


Series Two Records [CD, 2009]

1. Ambitious
2. Righteous
3. Romantic
4. Repairman
5. Emphatic
6. Absent Part I
7. Absent Part II
8. Progressionist
9. Collide
10. Optimist
11. Accountant
12. Absent Part III

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