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Westfold: Westfold EP [Album Review]


The boys of Westfold have outdone themselves yet again, this time on their third EP. In Westfold, the band takes the raw elements from their first release, No Frills Catalyst, and smash it against the proverbial high tower of obscurity that was their second release, Morning Commute. Portland’s rising stars had no reason to take unnecessary risks; instead they merely master their craft and up production value a bit on what can only be considered their finest work to date.

All four tracks on this glorious album play together like an indie rock opera. “While The House Is Burning” kicks off the underground portrayal of the verbally submissive Hamlet with a 4-minute intro leading into a sporadic display of lyrical madness. The operatic aspect hits it’s peak, and finale, on the closing and almost 8-minute track “Our Sun Our Enemy Steady State”. When the final track closes out, you will know you just experienced something completely different and unique from the seemingly departed and treacherous world that is modern rock.

Portland, OR has obviously become a safe haven for independent artists to flourish. But after a few months hanging outside Voodoo Donuts and lounging at The Tonic, you might come to find that you are hearing the same bullshit day in and day out. There can be exceptions of course — with ten thousand plus musicians in such a small radius, there are bound to be a few that rock your world. And without a double-breasted, tweed-jacketed shadow of a doubt, Westfold is that group you want to hear. Their energy and exuberance is a perfect example of what it means to be artistically hungry in a world filled with starved listeners and online music critics. These guys are the hold-steady when it comes to precarious displays of raw and unadulterated talent.

Above photo by Alanna L. Hylton.

Westfold: While The House Is Burning [mp3]
[audio:100205-westfold-while-the-house-is-burning.mp3|titles=While The House Is Burning|artists=Westfold]


[CDEP, 2010]

1. While The House Is Burning
2. Pandemic
3. Cardiotoxin
4. Our Sun; Our Enemy; Steady State

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