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Good Weather For An Airstrike: Signals EP [Album Review]


If you looking for a great album that can help you lose all sense of reality for a short period of time, then look no further than Good Weather For An Airstrike’s Signals EP. There is more obscurity packed into a mere 25 minutes than one might be able to physically handle. The sounds are dubious, sort of haunting, and have almost magical stream-like effects. It’s like watching a Disney movie while you overdose on Robitussin.

Each track on this EP sounds like the soundtrack to some sort of spectacular occurrence. “We Fall Back Into The Ocean” is a great example. The classical piano (most likely keyboard) samples move in a Phantom of the Opera-like discovery of utter misery, that moment when all is lost and there is absolutely nothing you can do to get it back. This also applies to us with both sides of our face fully intact. The entire album plays in a similar misdirected direction until your eyes bleed from uncertain trance-like seizures.

Good Weather For An Airstrike is an experimental project with a medium magnitude. The music is “out there”, but not so far. The music of Signals speaks for itself and it speaks nothing at the same time. It is whatever you decide it should be. The chance to dream is put out there in a 6 song format; it’s up to you to chase it down and learn what it means to really feel.

Good Weather For An Airstrike: We Fall Into The Ocean [mp3]
[audio:100203-good-weather-for-an-airstrike-we-fall-into-the-ocean.mp3|titles=We Fall Into The Ocean|artists=Good Weather For An Airstrike]


[CDEP, 2009]

1. Hand In Hand Into The Ocean Blue
2. We Fall Back Into The Ocean
3. Beside Me Today
4. A Last Farewell And We Shall Run
5. Signals
6. We Fall Back Into The Ocean (Reprise)

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