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Arrington de Dionyso: Anacortes, WA [2010.01.30]


You may know Arrington de Dionyso from his other alter ego as the front-man of Old Time Relijun. When I saw the band open for HEALTH at SXSW back in 2007, it was one of those special moments – the kind you never forget. Shows like this, ones with wild stage antics, are the best to photograph and the best to watch. Grabbing a bass clarinet, an instrument whose presence is odd in virtually all forms of music with exception to classical, de Dionyso crafts breathtaking chaos.

As he recently pointed out in a comment, the band’s full name is Arrington de Dionyso’s Malaikat dan Singa, and the folks from LAKE that performed with him (Andrew Dorsett and Mark Morrison) are actually in the band, among a few others.

With a growl and rants sung in Bahasa Indonesia, songs don’t typically come much stranger. But backed with consistency in percussive tribal beats and an occasional concussive epic guitar melody, they’re also quite captivating. Summing it all together, it’s trance punk. In a live performance, the music allows one to transcend reality into a seemingly alternate universe, one personable to the David Lynch’s of the world. You’ll leave a changed individual.

All photos by Andrew Fenstermaker.

Arrington de Dionyso: Tak Terbatas [mp3]
[audio:100203-arrington-de-dionyso-tak-terbatas.mp3|titles=Tak Terbatas|artists=Arrington de Dionyso]

Arrington de Dionyso: Mani Malaikat [mp3]
[audio:100203-arrington-de-dionyso-mani-malaikat.mp3|titles=Mani Malaikat|artists=Arrington de Dionyso]

Before we launch into the rest of the photos, here’s a video of “Mani Malaikat”:













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  1. I wish I was in your area – would have loved to have seen this! organised chaos being a brilliant description.


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