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Redbird Fever: Come Away From Your Home [Album Review]


Folk rock comes in many forms, and Redbird Fever blends the indie version with one slightly more contemporary. Their songs are packed with strong rock guitar riffs, yet have the fiddle backing much more common in the folk genre. Hailing from Olympia and Hoquiam, Redbird Fever’s latest EP Come Away From Your Home spans the gamut, with select songs siding more on folk and others with heavier rock leanings.

The EP opens with “Is That Alright” which features male/female vocals and a melodica. “Modern Satellites” and “It’s A Metaphor, Dear!” both feature the violin, while “Aspirin” capitalizes on rock riffs and emotive half-shouted vocals. And before you know it you’re on “Sometimes Things Get Broken”, the final song.

After dwelling on some of the more folk-centric tracks like “It’s A Metaphor, Dear!” and “Sometimes Things Get Broken”, both of which are among the EP’s favorites, it’s apparent that there’s a viable third: “Aspirin”. The song is truly the only rock song on the EP, and it fits in well with the others, but it has that gritty late 90s artsy rock sound common to bands like Automaton Adventure Series and maybe even a little Kickball.

Come Away From Your Home is easy proof that Redbird Fever possesses great promise.

Redbird Fever: Sometimes Things Get Broken [mp3]
[audio:100203-redbird-fever-sometimes-things-get-broken.mp3|titles=Sometimes Things Get Broken|artists=Redbird Fever]


[CDEP, 2009]

1. Is That Alright
2. Modern Satellites
3. It’s A Metaphor, Dear!
4. Aspirin
5. Sometimes Things Get Broken

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