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The Western States Motel: The Cliff [mp3]


Carl Jordan has THAT voice. You know, the one that sounds like Gavin Rosdale after he’s taken 40 No-Doz. It’s that raspy yet emotionally pleasing tone you might recognize with the likes of Pete Droge or Eels, the former heavyweight champions of obscurity-laced pop. But, it’s time to step aside Mr. E. The Western States Motel is here to bring oddball power pop back in a big way with their ultra catchy track “The Cliff”.

This song is that love lost, then found, then kicked to the curb, then left in a sobbing limbo of begging and frustration when you are alone type of song. It’s simply undeniable how much tracks like these affect us. It’s also undeniable that these guys have taken the baton of this blissful idea, and ran further than their predecessors could have ever imagined.

The Western States Motel: The Cliff [mp3]
[audio:100129-western-states-motel-cliff.mp3|titles=The Cliff|artists=The Western States Motel]

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