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The Secret History: Johnny Anorak [mp3]


The modern pop fan undoubtedly favors several styles of the genre. Likewise, the modern pop band is likely to pull from a collection of these sub-genres. The Secret History does just that in “Johnny Anorak”, coming across with vocals fit for a Neko Case reference and backed by synth heavy indie glam pop. The band itself consists of My Favorite’s Michael Grace Jr., glam legend Mick Ronson’s daughter Lisa (on vocals), and Erin Dermody. These two are no newbies to music, so their delivering a powerful pop tune like “Johnny Anorak” shouldn’t be a surprise.

“Johnny Anorak” is one of those highly upbeat tracks that mixes an 80s Smiths-like jangle sound with glam-worthy synths and dark, emotive vocals; a perfect combination of whit and intrigue meets wondrous melody. The song will be released March 22 on The World That Never Was via Le Grand Magistery Records.

The Secret History: Johnny Anorak [mp3]
[audio:100128-secret-history-johnny-anorak.mp3|titles=Johnny Anorak|artists=The Secret History]

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