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Lali Puna: Remember [mp3]


With such a nostalgia-inspiring title for Lali Puna‘s first single off her upcoming LP – the group’s first in over five years – one can’t help but reminisce on the past. I recall picking up 2004’s Faking The Books around the time of its release; I quickly became obsessed with “Micronimic”, the title track and “B-Movie”. These songs, along with selections from Neon Golden by The Notwist, came to define my music obsessions of 2004. I can see “Remember” launching Our Inventions beyond Lali Puna’s past albums, much in the way Neon Golden did for The Notwist.

“Remember” hints at what Lali Puna created with 2004’s Faking The Books but lays out a clear path forward for 2010’s Our Inventions. It’s easy to hear the influence of sister group The Notwist through Markus Acher’s dark shield of skilled electro-pop, and Valerie Trebeljahr lends the perfect vocal accompaniment to dominate atop the somber, introspective electronics. The song is dreamy, with Trebeljahr’s wispy, airy vocals repetitive over the band’s hypnotic, atmospheric beats.

When it comes down to it, Lali Puna’s “Remember” shows immense promise for the impending Our Inventions. Though it’s yet to be seen, Archer may finally have created something to match Neon Golden.

Our Inventions is out April 6 on Morr Music.

Lali Puna: Remember [mp3]
[audio:100128-lali-puna-remember.mp3|titles=Remember|artists=Lali Puna]

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  1. I shopped ‘Our Inventions’ the evening when the Notwist visited Copenhagen last friday – as usual a beautiful concert. their new tunes are developing slowly to be a steady companion in our house ,·)

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